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Guide: selecting the best tracksuit for you!


A tracksuit is not only trendy, but it is a good choice because it gives your personality a different vibe. We understand how difficult it can be to find the ideal tracksuit that meets all your criteria. That’s why ASI wants to help you find the perfect tracksuit for your collection. In this article, we’ll cover the important things to consider before buying a tracksuit, regardless of gender. Are you ready? Let’s start!


Cotton, lycra, polyester, and wool are some of the modern materials available for tracksuits—no velvet in the back, by the way! This wide variety of fabrics creates a lot of confusion when choosing what’s best for you. As a leading activewear brand, we recommend that you first clarify your purpose for wearing this piece. For example, if you train in a tracksuit, synthetic materials are best. Velvet and wool often look beautiful on chilly holidays. Please dress according to the purpose and climate. The cotton tracksuit is your go-to, go-anywhere outfit. In short, the main goal is to remain relaxed and at ease in whatever you are doing.


Once the purpose and materials have been decided, the shape of the tracksuit then plays a crucial role. There are several tracksuits in different cuts designed to suit a particular fashion sense. Some tracksuits are fitted at the edges, while others have a boot cut. Of course, you can’t train in bootcut pants, so another one is best. Likewise, tops that flatter the shoulders are great for weightlifting. Buggy cuts are also trending and perfect for looking chic at any event. So, the next step in choosing the best tracksuit is to look at the cut. There are many options on the market, such as sleeveless hoodies with tracks and fitted full-sleeve tees with nice prints. Therefore, be careful when cutting the sleeves.


What’s the first thing you see when you go shopping? Of course, size! When you browse the mall, you go to counters of a certain size and choose clothes that fit you. The same goes for online shopping for the two. Checking your size before choosing an outfit is certainly necessary. For example, if you are a medium size, would you like to see a tracksuit in XXL? No rights! So please measure yourself first and then find the right size. You can also find a wide variety of plus-size sportswear on our easy-to-use site, and you can filter your tracksuit options by frame size. So, you can pick just one outfit that’s perfect for you! Isn’t that great? Check the color and print.

Tracksuits come in a wide variety of prints and colors. Solid colors are very popular. Some of them even have contrasting shades. Now the big question is which one to pick. The same applies to print. Whether it’s florals, stripes, plaid, solid colors, or abstract or ink-like prints, you’re sure to find multiple prints on your tracksuit. It’s hard to find a tracksuit that embodies both your favorite color and your favorite print. There are cases. Our collection can meet all your needs, so you should switch to us.

Choose muted hues if the tracksuit is your workout outfit and pop-up colors if the tracksuit is your casual wear. The type of print and color you wear define your aura. so be careful!


As mentioned earlier, tracksuits can be worn almost anywhere, but what type of tracksuit you wear is also important. Occasionally, I buy clothes that meet all of the above criteria. Again, it’s important to pay attention to the basics. Well, what does that include? For example, pay attention to zippers. Do not place zippers in the crotch area, especially on men’s tracksuits. Otherwise, comfort will be sacrificed. Also check the durability, as you definitely want to avoid tracksuits that leave fibers in the thighs and underarms. Similarly, you should also look for colors. The color should not run. The most important thing is the pocket! You need a pocket to hold your Air Pods, phones, tissues, money, and other necessities. Based on these basic requirements, you can change your selection.

The key to buying the best and most perfect tracksuit is to consider all these things. If you leave one behind, you may end up buying clothes that aren’t for you. At ASI, you’ll find clothes that meet all of the above criteria and are of the highest quality. Our unique and wide range of tracksuits are affordable, and we promise that people will want them from you. What are you looking for? Shop the perfect clothes for you in our online store and get great discounts.